Hey guys,

I welcome anyone to get in contact with me, whether it be to give or ask for a recommendation, or to talk about anything bookish, on my blog or not. You can choose to comment on one of my blog posts (in fact I urge you too - I love to read my comments), you can find me on Twitter or Instagram

Another way to get ahold of me is through email: brittanywillis99@hotmail.com.

I love to hear from all review requests and I try to fit in most books to my schedule.  My favourite genres to read are Dystopian, Fantasy, Contemporary and Chick Flick. The only genres I will reject are Horror, Thriller and some Historical Fiction, although I am sure there are a wealth of bloggers specialising in these genres for you to contact!

I am at University (in my last year studying English), so during term times, I may get busier with prescribed reading lists and classes, but I still welcome book requests and recommendations. 

Happy Reading – and remember to subscribe to be notified of all new blog posts!

All the Best,


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